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Selected Projects

Andrew Zuckerman

This is the portfolio site for photographer and filmmaker, Andrew Zuckerman. Ongoing project maintenance and updates are provided by me.

Marriott Brand Ecosystem

The Marriott Brand Ecosystem project is an extendable component based reusable framework built on top of Wordpress to power the relaunching of Marriott brand sites and make production faster and more easily maintained. This project is currently ongoing at BBH NY.


TeamHOTSHOT is a pairing of a custom Wordpress site and a Shopify store to provide a blog and ecommerce platform for the Hotshot sports drink. This project was made while working at Domani Studios.

Fun Stuff


A new business venture where my friend Andy Lu and I make windchimes out of hotdogs. Made in one day for the NYU Stupid Hackathon

Sayings Bot

A twitter bot for things that they always say. Providing wisdom and guidance at regular intervals.

Sticky Waffle

An in-browser keyboard synthesizer built using the Web Audio API and HTML Canvas. This project began in Spring of 2013 when Luis Rosario and I collaborated on building a small prototype of it for class. This current version has been entirely redesigned and reworked by myself.


Wanderlust was an interactive installation piece designed to invoke exploration and discovery through interaction with physical objects. The user assumed the role of a hiker climbing up a mountain, and by using three different interfaces (a hiking stick, climbing sliders, and mounted binoculars), the user was able to interact with the environment. I worked on this project with a team of 9 of my fellow RIT students with backgrounds including visual design, industrial design, and interactive media development. Download all of the project’s documentation below.

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